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My aim is to help you get to where you need to be. I believe that none of us have to live a life without hope of feeling and being better and free of anything that's holding us back.

I work in a way that suits your individual needs to get the best results.
Therapy comes in many forms with lots of different names. My work is known as “Integrative solution focused” often known as Life change and Breakthrough work, which may include:

All clients are individuals and the issues they face are very real and unique to them.

Perhaps you're living with ongoing panic attacks?
I work with many on what is now being known by the NHS as GAD's. (General Anxiety Disorders)
You may want to lose weight, stop smoking or deal with that long-term phobia that you have put off dealing with.
You may have put up with low self-esteem or lack of confidence or indeed anything else that may have impacted on you which has stopped you from enjoying life.

I like to believe the strength of my practice comes from caring, kindness and empathy, with a large dose of straight-talking and practical guidance thrown in. It's all about you as the client and how get you to where you want to get in your own life.

Remember its never too late to make the change, and "Live your best Life"

So, now you've taken that first step towards your goals, why not act and make contact today?

I offer a free consultation so you have nothing to lose.
See the initial consultation page.

I am now holding consultations in the City of London all day on Thursdays.
Please contact me for further details, either to book a consultation or make an appointment.

Live Your Best Life!

One of the women in this tv advert came to Linda with body and self esteem issues!

I am so proud of her xxx

About Linda

When qualifying, I could have taken the option of working in a big practice or clinic, but that wouldn't have been for me. I had made the change from being part of the corporate world and believed that if I was going to be committed to make changes and help others, then those changes had to start with me.

I work mainly from my home practice, which is comfortable, private and creates a safe environment for my clients to get results.

I qualified with the International Hypnotherapist Association (IHA) which is one of the largest bodies of recognised Hypnotherapists, as well as being a fully qualified NLP practitioner. The IHA aims to promote the highest levels of professionalism within the industry. I am also a member of a number of professional bodies including the CNHC which is the UK's largest complementary health body, fighting the fight for NHS recognition.

Completely confidential 15 minute consultations, either by phone, or in person, are provided free before you book your initial session. After consultation, home visits may be provided, as anxieties, panic attacks or phobias are best dealt with where the individual feels safe and comfortable.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a normal part of our everyday life.

When I say that, people don't often believe me but when I explain that you may have experienced driving to somewhere you go regularly, like work, and suddenly realising that you have arrived, or watching a television programme and day dreaming through it, these are both examples of being in a trance state. I utilise the trance state to access your unconscious mind and to help you change your unwanted behaviours and habits.

What Happens?

There is no such thing as a typical hypnotherapy session, as each treatment is tailored to the requirements of each client but I see the majority of clients for 4 to 8 sessions.

The first session lasts about one and a half hours and is mainly given to taking a case history, and assess your needs and goals. It is also used to allay any fears you may have and answer any questions.

You will not always be hypnotised during the first session as I really want to try and understand the best way to approach your issue and see the world through your eyes; all therapy is a very personal experience.

A treatment schedule is designed based on the information gathered in this first session, and further sessions last for around an hour.

Who is it for? Anyone that wants to make positive changes in their life.

Contact me to find out more!