Hypnosis For Health - Fees

New clients often benefit from a longer first session which is generally 1½ or 2 hours, which is agreed at initial consultation.
This may be needed or wanted to provide time for a longer history take, or perhaps to cover a number of issues and get more done in a shorter space of time.
Couples may find double sessions helpful because they provide good space for both parties to discuss their views and get to solving problems more quickly.

Treatment Plan

A treatment plan and appointments will be discussed with you at your initial consultation assessment when we will agree the duration and frequency of sessions.

Initial Consultation

Your Initial consultation assessment is often done by phone (15-20 mins) but I am happy to do in person if needed.
This session is free of charge.

General Fee Guide

Counselling, Talking therapy, coaching and NLP £50/75.

Hypnotherapy may sometimes require an extended session - £75.

Quit Smoking

This involves a one-off two to three hour session.

This includes a back-up CD.
Quit Smoking - £200

Weight Management

All clients have a double weight session to start their programme as forms are sent to for completion and discussion to assess weight history.
Weight Management - £70

Virtual Gastric Band

A pre-Virtual Gastric Band session is often advised and this will be discussed on an individual basis.
Virtual Gastric Band programme - £475