Weight loss and Virtual Gastric Band.
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Hypnosis is especially useful in controlling weight as it can help you adopt new healthier eating habits that are sustainable long term and also help with motivation to exercise more and stick to your new healthy eating habit. The key here is that you will be in control, and with the assistance of hypnosis, you will adopt and maintain a new healthy eating regime. Hypnosis requires no prior training and is easily accessible to most individuals, and also achieves tangible results in a relatively short time and so fits into any busy schedule. Hypnotherapy also promotes relaxation and improved self-confidence which can help you accept and be happy with your own body image. It can also be used in increasing the vividness of imagery, which is particularly useful in goal setting and providing you with a clear visual image of the new improved you.

With hypnosis, we seek to help you find and maintain the healthy eating habit that is right for you.

Weight Loss programs can be discounted for groups and couples.

Plus - free CD given to help keep you on track to success!

LOOKING TO LOSE WEIGHT? NEW! Introducing Virtual Gastric Band!

If your weight is really getting out of control, or if no matter what you do, you can’t seem to lose weight effectively or if you've even considered the idea of undergoing a Gastric Band procedure, but worried about the outcome and dangers of the procedure, a Virtual Gastric Band could well be the answer.

Lose Weight effectively, safely and naturally without the need for the potentially costly or sometimes hazardous surgical procedure.

See more about the Virtual Gastric Band here ..........then contact me to find out more!

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